Alleged Kidnap Hoaxster Denise Huskins is Missing Again

The police have no trace of her.

Did one 29-year-old woman fake her own disappearance just like the ice princess in Gone Girl?

Police are outraged. A police spokesman said at a press conference, "Our investigation has concluded that none of the claims have been substantiated."

It started Monday when Denise Huskin's live-in boyfriend told cops an intruder had broken into his home in Vallejo, California, during the night and kidnapped his girlfriend. He said the kidnapper demanded $8,500 in ransom.

The woman's father appealed for her safe return, saying, "I want her to know that the family is there. We love her."

But, there was skepticism from the beginning because the boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, didn't report the "kidnapping" for 12 hours.

The next day, Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper was sent a mysterious e-mail from someone claiming to be holding Huskins.

They wrote: "She will be returned safely. Any advance on us or our associates will create a dangerous situation for Denise. Wait until she is recovered and then proceed how you will. We will be ready."

The e-mail contained an audio file of a woman identifying herself as Huskins.

She said, "My name is Denise Huskins. I'm kidnapped. Otherwise I'm fine."

To prove she was still alive, she made mention of Tuesday's plane disaster in the French Alps. And to prove it was really her, she gave intimate details of her life that only she would know, saying, "My first concert with Bethany and her mom to Blink 182."

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Henry Lee told INSIDE EDITION, "I immediately thought, 'Well, how could this be real?' So there is a lot of concern over whether this was legitimate or not."

It was at her father's apartment building in Huntington Beach, California, that Denise Huskins turned up on Wednesday. She said her kidnappers dropped her off nearby. She also said she didn't know her abductors - and claims she was blindfolded and gagged for part of her ordeal.

After investigators expressed doubts about her claims, Huskins cut off all contact with them.

And now she's gone again - refusing to speak to police and hiding out at an undisclosed location. She's also hired a lawyer.

The similarities to the movie Gone Girl, in which a beautiful wife disappears and then reappears with a phony story about having been kidnapped are striking.

Huskins, a physical therapist, even looks like Gone Girl Rosamund Pike!

Now, she and her boyfriend could face criminal charges.

One cop said, "If you can imagine devoting all of our resources, 24-hours-per-day, for what I would classify as a wild goose chase."