4-Year-Old Girl Boards Bus Alone at 3 AM to Get a Slushie

She even walked 5 blocks in the rain to the bus stop!

Why on Earth did a four-year-old girl board a bus all alone in the middle of the night?

It was three a.m. when little Annabelle climbed aboard a bus in Philadelphia after she walked five blocks in the rain to the bus stop.

The bus driver, Harlan Jenifer, couldn't believe his eyes when he watched the tiny child in a purple raincoat and pajamas board his bus.

He said, "Oh, man, I was like you got to be kidding me!"

He couldn't believe his ears when he heard what Annabelle wanted!

He laughed when he recalled what she said, "’All I want is a slushie,’ that's all she said!"

He got on the phone with the cops, who arrived to take Annabelle off the bus. Her parents didn't even know she had wandered out of the house and they sure were grateful.

This is just the latest incident involving toddlers who go roaming alone.