Jesus Inspired Robber Strikes Again

INSIDE EDITION follows up on the story of a man who backed out of robbing a convenience store when the clerk talked to him about Jesus.  He reportedly turned back to crime over the weekend.  

Looks like that repentant robber fell back into his old ways after all.  Cops say the gunman talked out of robbing a store by a young Christian woman later pulled a similar stickup at a business nearby.

This time, he went through with the robbery.

We told you how the robber had gone to a phone store in Pomano Beach, Florida, and tried to stick up the manager at gunpoint.

She talked him out of it by urging him to seek Jesus saying, "Jesus has got something way better for you."

The robber had a change of heart and left the store empty-handed.  But, his redemption was apparently short lived.

A couple of hours later, cops say the same guy robbed a nearby shoe store, still wearing the same clothes.

He did at least say "God bless you" as he left.

Cops say they tracked down Israel Camacho through the shoe store surveillance video.

Camacho has been charged with armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

Camacho says he is innocent but if he really is guilty then it seems the devil really does find work for idle hands.