Watch Dramatic Rescue of Driver Passed out on 8-Lane Highway

She slept for 27 minutes in the middle of traffic.

A driver was passed out at the wheel, and it's not on a quiet side-street - she stopped in the third lane of a eight-lane interstate and a TV cameraman caught the drama and tried his best to help but couldn't wake her.

Any second, another car could have plowed into her at highway speed.

But things got even more dramatic when police arrived.

The cameraman told the officer, "I tried knocking, she's totally passed out, her door is locked on the driver's side."

As traffic hurtled by, an officer carefully made his way around the car and tried to smash the unconscious driver's window.

The noise roused the woman and her car started rolling forward. Remember, all that was going on in the middle of an interstate.

After a couple more attempts, the window shattered. With the car still rolling forward, he tried to get the door open.

"Stop your car, you're going to crash," the officer yelled.

Finally, he managed to lean in amid all the broken glass and put the car in park.

The offivers got the driver out and then led her to a safe spot at the side of the highway.

"It's definitely a miracle that she wasn't killed."

Paul Anderegg shot the incredible video which is posted on the website of Ten News in San Diego.

Anderegg said, "She was out there for about 27 minutes with cars coming at full freeway speed passing on each side of her."

The woman was handcuffed and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. She is lucky to be alive.