'Going Clear' Doc Claims Church of Scientology Blackmailed John Travolta

Plus, Tom Cruise accusations and tales of "The Hole."

There is a big reaction today to Going Clear, the highly anticipated documentary on Scientology that premiered on HBO Sunday night.

The documentary claims that actor John Travolta is being blackmailed because as a young man he shared his personal secrets with church leaders that Scientology would use against him if he ever left.

Travolta's representatives wouldn't comment.

The church's best known member, Tom Cruise, also comes under scrutiny in the HBO program for allegedly approving the bugging of Nicole Kidman's phone. Church leaders were reportedly worried that Kidman was leading Cruise away from the church.

Cruise's lawyers insist the wiretapping never happened.

Scientology is now firing back, calling the documentary untrue and its former members who cooperated with the film "professional liars and purgerers."

In the documentary, church leader David Miscavige comes across as a power-hungry bully. He allegedly even forced followers to participate in a violent game of musical chairs as the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" played.

The game reportedly took place in "The Hole;" a trailer-like building they say was used a prison for church members who Miscavige wanted disciplined.

But, the church says there is no such place as "The Hole" and put video on its website, showing a beautiful lodge-like resort to counter the movie's claim that it's an ant-infested prison.

The Church of Scientology says the film is filled with ludicrous claims made up by discredited former members and that the filmmakers ignored their repeated efforts to provide relevant information.