Newborn Kitten Survived By Nursing on Pit Bull, Rescued and Recovering Together

"They are both doing well and continue to thrive."

Did you hear the one about a pit bull who nursed a newborn kitten?

The unlikely pair was rescued together last week on a Dallas roadside by a local rescue group where the pit bull was found nursing the tiny kitten.

The folks at the Mercy Animal Clinic named the duo Pittie and Kittie and began treating the animals. Pittie’s own milk supply began drying up and now Kittie needs to be nursed from a bottle.

Dr. Rick Hamlin of the Mercy Animal Clinic told INSIDE EDITION, “When they arrived the pit let me examine her and I found that her milk had just dried. She was thin and bore the wounds of an outdoor existence but was otherwise healthy. The kitten was slightly thin but vocal and active, probably due to hunger. Fortunately, the kitten took right to a bottle. The first night when I removed the kitten from the cage with the pit to take home for continued feedings she howled in disappointment, but the next morning the reunion was heartwarming. They are both doing well and continue to thrive. How a pit bulldog that had obviously just had a litter of puppies came to be found on a roadside with a 5-day-old kitten is anybody's guess at this point. What happened to rest of both litters is another question. I'm just glad the rescuers found them they did.”

It is a miracle how Kittie survived and came into contact with Pittie according to Dr. Hamlin.

He said, “A kitten that age will die within 24 hours without nutrition, usually of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). As they become hypoglycemic they become lethargic and progressively lifeless. When the pair was found they were alone, and when I saw Kitty she was vocal and active, albeit hungry. One would have to assume either Pittie had been nursing Kitty and her milk had just dried within 6-12 hours of being found, or that Kitty had released been abandoned or lost from her mother. Either way it is miraculous in that Kitty would not have survived another 24 hours on the streets.”

While the duo recovers, they are looking for a new home. Since they are so close, the clinic states that “they will only be adopted together.”