Bob Barker's Back on 'Price is Right' for Hilarious April Fool's Prank

Check out the behind the scenes action.

Bob Barker, come on down!

The legendary former host of The Price Is Right made a surprise appearance for an April Fool’s Day stunt and the audience went wild.

INSIDE EDITION was behind the scenes for the prank which airs April 1st.

Current host Drew Carey told INSIDE EDITION, “They had no idea this was going to happen. No one in the audience had any idea.”

Barker was thrilled to be back telling us, “I loved it! I loved it!”

The 91-year-old shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, he surprised fans when he duked it out with his Happy Gilmore foe Adam Sandler for a Comedy Central taping.

Watch Sandler and Barker's Epic Fight

Barker told us, “Many people know I’m 91, for me to be there fighting with him, people reacted to that, ‘look that old man doing that.’ It surprises them.”

So, can we expect to see more of Bob Barker on The Price Is Right?

“I will come anytime they invite me but I am a complete success at retirement,” he admitted.