Clouds Made Shape of Cross While Filming Sequel to 'The Bible,' Roma Downey Says

The producer says it was like a wink from God.

These are busy days for Roma Downey.

This week she has two big - and we mean big - mini-series airing.

Downey and husband Mark Burnett are executive producers of The Dovekeepers airing Tuesday and Wednesday on CBS.

It's the story of the siege of Masada by Roman soldiers in the 1st century and the three women who tend to the doves that are used as messengers.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I have such a passion for stories of faith. History is usually written by men about men, but The Dovekeepers takes us into this historic time, but tells the story through the lives and the heart of these extraordinary women."

At its core, Downey says its a story about faith and love.

She added, "Sacrifice ultimately was greater than the war - it's a profoundly moving story."

Next Sunday comes A.D., the sequel to The Bible, which was a huge success in 2013 on History. The twelve-part A.D. premiere's Easter Sunday on NBC.

Downey told INSIDE EDITION, "If you took Game of Thrones, merged it with House of Cards and added The Bible in, I think it gives you the tone of what A.D.: The Bible Continues is going to be."

Downey will not appear in the new series, but she was on location for the filming in Morocco.

She believes she got a message from God.

"Unbelievably, in the sky was a cross. A cloud in the perfect shape of a cross," she said.

Downey and Burnett aren't done with biblical epics. They're now filming a remake of Ben Hur, the classic movie that starred Charlton Heston and, of course, that legendary chariot race.