Watch This Creative Musician Make Music With Tires

Could this be the future of music?

This would be a band camp we could really get into.

Andrew Huang makes some pretty incredible music without using one musical instrument. Instead, he uses tires, wheels, inner tubes, and a few lug nuts and wrenches.

Huang told INSIDE EDITION, "Since I was a kid I've been interested in finding musical sounds in unusual places but this video from 2011 is probably where I first started finding an audience for it."

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He begins simply and builds his song into a multi-layered tune that could be the next club hit. His video was just posted on YouTube and is beginning to go viral.

Huang said, "I usually go into these projects with a few plans of how I can use the materials and also have to keep an open mind about the surprises I'll discover once I'm actually hands-on."

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Could he have a Grammy award in his future? It's anyone's guess, but for now it's pretty impressive. Huang says he also makes 'normal' music and has self-released over 20 albums.