Couple Turns Their Save-The-Date Into an Action Movie

Fighting thugs, jumping from exploding buildings, all to announce their wedding.

As wedding season approaches and summer blockbuster movies arrive in theaters, one couple managed to find a creative way to tie both together to announce the date of their wedding.

Forget magnets and postcards, San Francisco couple Tyler MacNiven and Kelly Hennigan made a short action movie called "Operation: Save the Date" to announce their important day.

In the three-minute long video, the couple battle thugs while dressed in their wedding attire, jump out of an exploding building and eventually reveal that they will be taking the plunge in September.

MacNiven told INSIDE EDITION, "We shot it all in a day. Then, we spent a couple of weeks casually editing it, but really, it didn't take long. We had a rough cut the next day."

He also revealed, "The guy that Kelly hits in the video is actually her brother who is actually a former WWE wrestler, and he choreographed the fight sequences."

MacNiven is actually a filmmaker and won The Amazing Race in 2006.

If the wedding announcement was this much fun, we can only image what the big day will be like!

MacNiven gave us a little clue, saying, "This is our big day, so we want to make it really special. The wedding itself is going to be filled with similar antics. We want to have a cake explosion to pay homage to the video."