Oil Heir Andrew Getty Found Dead by Ex He Filed Restraining Order Against

Cops have been called to the property at least 30 times, according to reports.

A beautiful blonde caught up in an oil heir's mysterious death.

Model Lanessa De Jonge reportedly discovered the body of Andrew Getty at his mansion in L.A.

Getty recently sought a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend after they broke up. He was the grandson of fabled oil billionaire J. Paul Getty, once the richest man in the world.

Andrew Getty was found in the bathroom of his three-story villa in the Hollywood Hills. He was naked from the waist down and reportedly bleeding from an injury to his lower body.

The villa has been the scene of multiple calls involving allegations of domestic violence in the past. In fact, cops have been called there least 30 times, according to published reports.

Cops say De Jonge called 911 when she found her ex unconscious. They had dated for four years. Her modeling portfolio says she is 5'9'' with green eyes and eastern European origins. "Right now we're classifying her as a cooperative witness," a cop told INSIDE EDITION.

Authorities say Andrew Getty appears to have died from natural causes or possibly an accident.

While blessed with great wealth, the Getty family has been tormented by a long string of tragedy and scandal.

J. Paul Getty lll's ear was chopped off by kidnappers in Italy in 1973 after the family balked at paying the $17 million ransom.

George Getty, the patriarch's son committed suicide at age 49.

Now, another tragedy for the clan.