Chris Rock Tweets Selfie while Stopped by Cops for Third Time in Two Months

'Wish me luck,' he tweeted.

Comedian Chris Rock took a selfie as he was pulled over by cops for the third time in two months.

He posted the photo on Twitter with the message: "Stopped by the cops again wish me luck."

The first time was on February 13th. He took a selfie. A police patrol car behind him could be seen.  "Just got pulled over by the cops wish me luck," the 50-year-old comedian posted.

It happened again February 27th.  He took a selfie in the passenger seat and tweeted: "I'm not even driving - stopped by the cops again."

Then, yet again, the latest pull over on March 30th.

In an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's online series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the two comic icons are pulled over for speeding in a bright orange Lamborghini not far from his estate in New Jersey.

"Were you worried Chris?" Seinfeld asked Rock.

"I was worried the whole time. I'm still worried!" he responded.

Fortunately, Chris Rock seemed to have made it through these latest traffic stops okay.