Controversial Angelina Jolie Tell-All Hits Bookstores

INSIDE EDITION talks to the author of the controversial unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie that makes surprising claims about her childhood, her personal life and much more.

It's the just-released biography of Angelina Jolie that's causing a storm of controversy.  Author Andrew Morton says he's uncovered the dark secrets of Angelina's life.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent sat down with Morton for an exclusive interview.

Morton said, "She seems like a modern-day goddess, but read the book and you get the sense of the humanity, the flaws in the character.  The reason the book is interesting is because the story Angelina has told isn't the true story."

Angelina's has made no secret of her troubled past.

"The cutting, the drug abuse, the wild sexuality, the feelings of suicide," said Morton.

But one thing she hasn't admitted to, is what Morton describes as an obsession with married or otherwise attached men, including Brad Pitt.

"You look at the reels of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and you can see the chemistry there, you can see the long lingering looks.  You can see the kind of intimacy they had between them, " said Morton.

He also points out that Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina's second husband, was engaged to actress Laura Dern when he first met Angelina.  Morton even claims that Angelina had an affair with Ethan Hawke when he was still married to Uma Thurman, and that she had a long-time relationship with Mick Jagger, at her mother's urging, while he was still with Jerry Hall. 

Morton also blames Angelina's behavior on her father Jon Voight's affairs and his nasty divorce from her mother.

"So, she's going after these men who are doing the exact same thing that she hated her father for doing, and then in the end she ends up leaving them," said Trent.

"Yes, so it gives her the excuse.  It's a test.  She tests these men.  You know, 'are you going to leave your wife?  Are you going to leave your fiancé' and when they've done that, they've comprimised themselves and she no longer respects them," said Morton.

Morton's use of psychoanalysis prompted this criticism from the New York Times:

"The people most eager to tell him about Ms. Jolie are people who don't know her, so that the book is shrink-wrapped in glib insights from dubious psychiatric talents."

Trent said, "Critics would just say you can't have a third party who's never met these people doing some sort of psychoanalysis of them."

"That's a point of view.  These are people who have practiced for 20-odd years, they've treated a variety of patients.  And if the New York Times doesn't understand that, that's their problem," said Morton.

Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography hits bookstores today.  Morton, who's also written about Tom Cruise and Princess Diana, says that Angelina has ultimately found happiness through her children, and, despite reports of an imminent breakup, that her relationship with Brad Pitt is solid.

Morton said, "They're both restless individuals. That's one of the reasons why they've matched together, neither is particularly happy with the world."