Troubled Teen Dies in Police Chase after Receiving Heart Transplant

It started with a botched home invasion.

He's the teenager who was denied a heart transplant because he had a criminal record and wouldn't follow doctors orders.

The controversy led to a flood of worldwide news coverage in 2013.

It forced doctors to change their minds and give 15-year-old Anthony Stokes of Decatur, Georgia a new heart that saved his life. 

Tyler Beckham of WGCL-TV in Atlanta reported: "Stokes Doctor said he had suffered from what's called dilated cardio-miapathy which means his left ventricle wasn't pumping enough blood to the rest of his body, and at the time they gave him six to nine months to live."

Now look what happened: A mangled car wreck where Stokes' life came to a violent end Tuesday.  

You can see him on a stretcher being pulled from the wreckage.  Police say he hit a pedestrian and crashed a stolen car into a pole following a high-speed police chase.

Beckham continued, reporting "We could tell just by looking at the twisted metal that was left of the car and it was wrapped around a SunTrust Bank sign, that probably the person inside was not going to get out alive."

It started after a botched home invasion in which an elderly woman was shot.

On his Facebook page, Stokes posted a selfie of himself with the scar on his chest from the heart transplant.

But he also posted a disturbing photo, menacingly pointing a gun.

The hospital where Stokes received his heart transplant tells Inside Edition in a statement: "We are deeply saddened by this loss."

The young man who got a second chance at life and threw it all away.