Dad Ties His Son To Camaro To Pull Loose Tooth

The car has a 400+ horsepower engine.

It's the tooth pulling video that's getting a lot of attention today.

A little boys wiggly tooth is attached to his dad's Camaro. As the car pulls away, success! It came out.

But some are asking, is it safe?

Rob Abercrombie is the dad behind the wheel and he's actually a semi-pro wrestler.

Abercrombie told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't think it's dangerous. We planned it ahead of time. Then, we finally did it. We wanted to make sure before we did it that he was okay with it."

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Abercrombie is not the first dad to get creative with a tooth extraction. We found some doozies on YouTube.

One dad tied his son's tooth to a golf ball, and took a swing, saying, "One, two, three, there it goes."

And who needs a dentist when Ruckus, the family dog can do the job when dad tied his daughter's tooth to a dog treat and asked the dog, "Who wants a treat?"

Another dad tied his son's tooth to the end of a rocket and launched it, exclaiming, "You just pulled your tooth out with a rocket!"

Parents may think it's hilarious, but what do dentists think?

Dr. Deborah Glassman is a pediatric dentist in New York. She told INSIDE EDITION, "It's absolutely not the right thing to do. When you put a string around a tooth and attach it to a door or a car, you're going to yank the tooth horizontally. You're going yank the bone the wrong way, the gum the wrong way. The tooth is going to come out the wrong way. You're going to cause a lot of damage. You shouldn't yank out a tooth, and definitely don't do it with a car."