Andrew Getty's Shocking Restraining Order Against Ex: 'She kicked and hit me repeatedly'

"Deranged, arguing with imaginary people and yelling."

Model Lanessa de Jonge "kicked and hit me repeatedly," claimed the heir to the Getty oil fortune, just two weeks before his body was discovered inside his mansion.

Andrew Getty wrote in court papers seeking a restraining order that his ex-girlfriend was also "deranged, arguing with imaginary people and yelling."

Getty lived in a breathtaking home in the Hollywood Hills. He said he helped his ex get an apartment, apparently because he wanted to get her out of his house.

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But a fire in that apartment forced Lanessa de Jonge to move back in with Getty. That's when all hell apparently broke loose.

"She showed up at my door. I let her in and within days she became deranged," Getty said.

Getty said his blood pressure was so bad, any stress could result in his sudden death. He said his 32-year-old ex "exploited this information to demand money and property from me, refusing to leave my house."

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It was de Jonge who found Getty's body in the bathroom of his Los Angeles mansion Tuesday.

Authorities say 47-year-old Getty, grandson of the legendary oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, appears to have died of natural causes. Cops describe de Jonge as "a cooperative witness."