How are Heidi Klum, Nick Cannon and Howie Mandel Celebrating Easter?

From dressing up as the Easter bunny to blowing eggs, AGT's stars share their holiday plans.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey always got into the Easter spirit together as a family with their twins Monroe and Morocco. Last year, the former couple had an over-the-top event at their New York home.

This year even though the couple split, Cannon is still continuing his tradition with the kids. He and his America’s Got Talent partner Heidi Klum told INSIDE EDITION what their plans are.

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Cannon said, “I will be the Easter bunny.”

A surprised Klum responded, “Will you really? Will you come to my house too?”

Cannon accepted and said, “If you want. I always dress up for the holidays. I will come and dress up like the Easter bunny.”

Klum sticks to her traditional German customs for the holiday.

“We blow eggs tomorrow because in Germany, we poke holes on either side and then you pour the egg out so it's hollow and put it on strings and paint it,” she said.

A curious Cannon asked, “What do you do with all the egg in the middle?”

“You make a cake or cupcakes or something. It has a lot of spit in it but you don't tell the kids about it or else they won’t eat it,” she joked.

Cannon said, “You blow the eggs and I will be the Easter bunny!”

Even Howie Mandel has his own tradition that he shared with us.

“Every year the kids get up early and let them hunt for Easter eggs. After about an hour into it, they come to and say, ‘Why are there no eggs?’ I inform them, ‘Because we are Jews.’ Then they have that Easter reminder each and every year,” said Mandel.

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