Pregnant Meteorologist Bullied Over Baby Bump Fights Back

They said she looked like the Hindenburg!

Kristi Gordon is a popular TV meteorologist. She's also very pregnant.  

But at this joyous time in her life, can you believe some viewers are going after her?

Gordon is the weather forecaster for global news in British Columbia. She's five months pregnant with her second child.

Bullying messages are pouring into the news room, but when she got a handwritten letter she had enough and decided to share them with the world.

She laughed as she read on comment, “Your front end looks like the Hindenburg, and your rear end looks like a brick, fill in the blank, house.”

Whoa! Did a viewer really compare her baby bump to the Hindenburg?! There's more.

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One comment she read was, “Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader so gross as you.”

Another was, “Buy some decent clothes and have more respect for your unborn child. You're not the first pregnant woman, omg.”

Her colleagues are rallying around her.

A female anchor said, "You look gorgeous."

A male anchor said, "Haters gonna hate."

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Gordon showed INSIDE EDITION the actual handwritten letter. She's still shocked about that nasty Hindenburg crack.

She said, “It was so absurd, this letter, we knew I was going to get emails, but once this letter came in this handwritten letter that was so rude. It was so mean! Talking about my butt looking like a brick house and my belly looking like the Hindenburg!”

The letter was signed "The Group,” no name was attached.  

Gordon has this message for the letter writer, “I would say to have some compassion on me, or any woman who is going through pregnancy.”