35,000 Fans Forced to Share Two Bathrooms during Wrigley Field's $575 Million Renovation

Cubs fans were not happy.

Imagine 35,000 screaming fans, and only two working bathrooms. That was the crisis situation at Wrigley Field in Chicago Sunday night for the home opener.

The stadium is in the middle of a $575 million renovation, and consequently had shut down all but  two working men's rooms on the main concourse. 

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Frustrated fans took to social media to post photos of the incredibly long lines. Imagine how it felt after a couple of beers?

One fan tweeted: "This is by far the worst experience at wrigley ever." 

He claimed he waited on line for 45 minutes.

The Chicago Cubs is profusely apologizing for the inconvenience, stating, "We were simply not prepared to handle guests during peak periods. We have high standards for service and we missed the mark tonight."

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Other long lines are afflicting stadiums around the USA today, but for a different reason.

Major League Baseball has issued new security screening measures requiring all ticket holders to be screened with metal detecting wands or walk through metal detectors.  

And because of those new security measures, the line up to get into Yankee Stadium wraps around the building with fans going through metal detectors. The Yankee organization actually advised folks to get there two-and-a-half hours early to get in on time.

Hopefully, when they finally get in, all the bathrooms will be working and they won't have to face scenes like the one at Wrigley Field.