This Video of Bowling Green's Coach Slapping A Woman's Rear Got Him Fired

Chris Jans is married with two kids.

It's the video that's brought an abrupt end to the career of a once-respected college basketball coach.

The guy patting a woman's rear end at the bar is Chris Jans, the head coach of Bowling Green State University's basketball team.

His boorish behavior didn't stop there.

According to witnesses, the married father of two told the woman at the bar to quote "walk in front of him so that he could evaluate her assets."

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He also allegedly "grabbed [another] woman's head and pushed it downwards."

A father having dinner with his family shot the cell phone video and sent it to the university's athletic director with this complaint: "A single guy, drunk, we can possibly overlook, but certainly inappropriate for a Head Coach representing my university and most definitely not a married man with two children."

Bowling Green quickly fired coach Jans. According to his termination letter, he admitted to inappropriate behavior.

His explanation? He said that he'd had too much to drink because he was "angry about losing" the last game of the season.