Robert Herjavec Confirms He'll Buy Kym Johnson a Ferrari if They Win 'DWTS'

A Ferrari is a generous gift!

Everyone is talking about the undeniable chemistry between Dancing with the Stars contestants Robert Herjavec and his professional dance partner, Kym Johnson.

It couldn’t have been more apparent while INSIDE EDITION was visiting the duo at their rehearsals in Los Angeles, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other!

While it seems like love is blossoming on the dance floor and during rehearsals, Kym wouldn’t confirm if they are in a relationship.

“He’s amazing, he really is. We get along really well, we’re having a lot of fun in rehearsals,” Kym said.

The feelings must be mutual for the dance competitors because Robert told INSIDE EDITION that if they win, Kym will get more than just the mirror ball trophy.

“If we win the mirror ball, I will definitely get you a Ferrari for sure,” Robert said. “You heard it here,” Kym added.

Dancing has been therapeutic for Robert who says that is has helped ease the pain after he split from his wife last year. He revealed that he contemplated suicide telling People magazine, “I just wanted to end it.”

Now, his next dance will be the waltz and it is being dedicated to his mother who passed away from cancer and always wanted to see her son be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.