Hillary Clinton Hit Bill In The Head With a Book Over Monica Lewinsky Affair, New Tell-All Claims

New book shares shocking White House secrets.

We're now learning that Hillary Clinton was so angry about her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky, she reportedly hit him over the head with a book!

Kate Andersen Brower, author of The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House writes that White House butlers were shocked to overhear other knock-down drag-out fights between the Clintons.  

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Brower told INSIDE EDITION, "The rumor backstairs at the White House was that she clocked him with a book, and there were a bunch of books on her bedside table, including the Bible...they heard Hillary Clinton yell, 'You bastard!' and throw some heavy object across the room. They all thought it was a lamp."

The just-released book reveals intimate White House secrets from the butlers, maids, chefs and other servants who take care of America's first families.  

"It's a real-life Downton Abbey. They witnessed the presidents and first ladies having arguments, they witnessed their most private moments. And they told me, you see, you never see. You hear, you never hear. You just block it out," explained Brower.

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The book contains startling stories, starting with the Kennedys right through to the Obamas.

You'll recall how Barack and Michelle danced to the song "At Last" at his 2009 inauguration. But in their private residence, a White House usher discovered them dancing to a different song, Mary J. Blige's "Real Love."

Brower revealed, "The usher said, 'Um, excuse me.' And the president said, 'I'm sure you haven't heard anything like this in this house, have you?' The usher said, 'No, sir. I haven't.' "

She conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with White House staff, most of them retired, who usually remain invisible, behind-the-scenes.

Their favorite president? George H.W. Bush, who invited the staff to pitch horseshoes.

"One summer weekend President Bush Sr. was playing horseshoes and he asked for some bug spray. A staffer accidentally sprayed him with some industrial strength pesticide. He turned bright red and they had to rush him to the doctor. Unlike a lot of presidents, President Bush just wanted to get back to the game and said, "All right guys, let's go back to the tournament."

Their least-favorite first lady? Nancy Reagan, hands down.

"They told me that when Nancy Reagan would cock her head to the right and just smile, that they knew that was a bad sign," said Brower.

But nothing compares to the Clintons for pure White House melodrama.

Brower said, "Hillary Clinton had the president sleeping on the sofa in the sitting room next to their bedroom and all the women said: "Good for her. He deserves it."

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