'Salt Mom' Lacey Spears Gets 20 Years to Life in Prison for Poisoning 5-Year-Old Son to Death

'She committed the ultimate betrayal a mother could do.'

The mommy blogger convicted of poisoning her own 5 year old son with an overdose of salt shows zero emotion as she heard her fate.

"I sentence you to minimum of 20 years and a maximum of life," said Supreme Court justice Robert Neary. He believes Lacey Spears suffered from a mental illness known as Munchausen by Proxy.

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Neary said in court, "This was not a spontaneous or ill conceived solitary act. It was a series of planned and orchestrated actions that really shock the conscience. Instead of nurturing and protecting a beautiful child you subjected him to five years of torment and pain."

Spears' attorney adamantly denies his client suffers from Munchausen by Proxy, a disorder where a parent deliberately poisons their child for sympathy.

Stephen Riebling, Spears' attorney explained,  "There has never been a diagnosis of mental illness, something that's been acknowledged by the court itself. Why would someone express remorse for something they did not do?"

The 27-year-old single mom wrote a widely-read blog in which she detailed the struggle of dealing with her son Garnett's health issues.

But authorities say she caused at least some of the boy's illnesses.

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When Garnett was hospitalized in January 2014,  Spears poured salt into his feeding tube.

The prosecutor exclaimed, "Not just a pinch of salt. A massive and deadly amount of salt with only one purpose: to poison her son."

Little Garnett died from brain swelling caused by elevated sodium levels. 

Prosecutor Doreen Lloyd said, "She committed the ultimate betrayal a mother can do. She was supposed to love him, nurture him, care for him and protect him and she did the complete opposite, and she killed him."

When the judge asked Spears if she had anything to say for herself this was her answer:

"No, sir."