Mischa Barton Says She Was Kicked Out of Home, Sues Mother for "Exploitation and Fraud"

Mischa calls her a mom a 'greedy stage mother.'

Was actress Mischa Barton kicked out of her eight million dollar Beverly Hills mansion by her own mother?

Mischa said she purchased the seven thousand square foot Spanish-style home in 2006, but in a lawsuit she claimed that her parents are keeping her off the property.  

The former star of the O.C. is suing her mom Nuala who is also her manager for "exploitation and fraud."  

In the lawsuit,  Mischa calls her mom a "greedy stage mother"  who exploited her career for "her own selfish benefit."

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She also claims that when she purchased the eight bedroom home her mother "slyly styled the paperwork" so she would own half of it, even though Mischa says she paid for the entire down payment.

Alex Weingarten is Mischa's attorney.  He said Mischa came back from a trip and the locks were changed.

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He told INSIDE EDITION, "She's been excluded from the house to the point where she came back and was physically prohibited from coming into the house, I mean she can't even visit her dogs."

An attorney representing Mischa's mom said in a statement: "Mrs. Barton is extremely troubled by such outrageous and patently false claims."