Man Who Committed Suicide after Ban from Buffet Wrote 270 Page Manifesto, Put Curse on Casino

John Noble won a free pass for life to the buffet.

A troubled man named John Noble shot himself in a Las Vegas casino all because he was banned from the buffet. 

The 53-year-old had won a raffle giving him a free pass for life at the buffet at the swanky M Resort and Casino in 2010. He took full advantage, stuffing himself there almost every day.   

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He became obsessed with Lori Nyman, the buffet hostess, showering her with gifts. She once even helped his elderly mom in the restaurant.

But Lori and others started complaining that John was harassing them. That's when the hotel banned him from the buffet for life. It drove him over the edge.

He was so upset he sent a 270-page manifesto and a DVD to Las Vegas TV station KTNV. It begins: “By the time you receive this I will be dead.”

He also said, “I’m the M Resort’s biggest winner. Lifetime biggest winner. So it would seem.”

Reporter Jennifer Kastner spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the story.

She said, “He had grown so close to the people at the M Resort at the buffet. He had gone there every day. So, suddenly being cut off from the M was detrimental to him emotionally. There's even a table of contents and it goes into such detail about the issues this man had with the M Resort and specifically with the hostess that he had become obsessed with.”

He even puts a curse on the casino.  

“Essentially this man wants to put a curse on everyone that works at the M, their children, their families, and you just think, 'This is so extreme and pathetic and scary,'” said Kastner.

On Easter Sunday he drove to the hotel and headed for the buffet hoping to see Lori one last time. He shot himself as he stood in line.

Melissa Ariaza, a witness said, “Everybody was ducking under tables. Everybody was screaming. It was, it was horrific.”

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Kastner said, “This man chose to only harm himself but because he was so angry at this whole hotel, he could have opened fire on the entire crowd and on Easter Sunday of all days!”