Woman Uses Toes to Text for Help

After being tied up by a home invader, a woman used her toes to text a help message to her husband online. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

That's right! She used her toes to text for help after she was attacked in her bed by a gunman.

The drama unfolded when an armed intruder broke into her home in Atlanta.  He overpowered Amy Windom and forced her to hand over valuables.

"After we went through the house and I had provided all the valuables I could, that's when he took me back up to my room and tied me to the bed," said Windom.

After he left, all she could move were her feet.  She struggled to send instant messages to her boyfriend on a laptop near her bed, using just her toes.

"I used my right toe as a mouse on the touch pad and then I pulled over the power cord and put that between my left toes and used the end of the power cord as a tool to hit the keys," said Windom.

She typed, 'Help. He attacked me in bed. Call 911 police I'm home tied to bed and I'm typing with toes."

"I recognized the seriousness of it and I called the police," said Windom's husband.

When police rescued her she had been tied to her bed for five hours.

"I was very afraid honestly. It was a very terrifying experience," said Windom.