Mother Elephant and Baby Have a Heartfelt Reunion After Being Apart for Years

Their reunion is heartwarming.

A baby elephant and her mother had a heartwarming reunion in Thailand after being apart for three and a half years.

Mebai was separated from her mother shortly after she was born and was sold into the tourism industry. She worked in a circus and in elephant shows but because she was so young she began to lose weight and could no longer work.

The little girl walked 62 miles in 4 days to The Elephant Nature Park with the assistance of volunteers carrying food and bringing her to water.

When the mother, Mae Yui, saw her daughter she appeared shocked and shortly after she confirmed that it was her daughter by sniffing her they began joining trunks, hugging each other, and catching up by communicating.

They mother daughter duo are now inseparable and the nature park is working to rehabilitate the two so they can return to the wild and live free.

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