Tiger Woods's Mistress Number 19?

The list of women who allegedly are linked to Tiger Woods is now up to nineteen. The latest addition is a woman who some say is a dead-ringer for his wife Elin. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She's being called Tiger Woods's mistress number nineteen! Her name is Emma Rotherman. She's a 42-year-old mother of two girls and lives 90 minutes away from Tiger's Orlando estate. Some call her a dead-ringer for Wood's wife Elin.

According to Britain's News Of The World, Emma and Tiger met at a nightclub in Orlando in 2008, and carried on a steamy 18-month affair right up until the time of Tiger's car crash last Thanksgiving

Emma joins a long line of beauties allegedly linked to the golfing great. Emma reportedly tried to contact Tiger when the scandal was erupting, but he texted her back, "Don't contact me. Elin is going through everything."

According to the News Of The World, Emma was paid half a million dollars in cash to keep quiet.

And actor Mel Gibson, who's faced his own public scandals, defended Woods during an appearance on Good Morning America, saying, "I love that guy. He's full of flaws like all the rest of us, and he's getting a rough time. And jeez, I want to watch him play golf. I want to see him swing a golf club man. Ask any human being walking the planet if they've done anything that they're not too proud of, and I think most people will say,  'Yes, you know I've done a few things I'm not too proud of.' I feel bad for the guy.  I mean, they're beating the hell out of him."