Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Engagement Over

Just three weeks after announcing their second engagement…Bristol Palin says "It's over" between her and Levi Johnson.  Inside Edition has the scoop.

That was fast!  Just three weeks after announcing their second engagement, Bristol Palin says "it's over" between she and Levi Johnston again!

"I broke up with him," a heartbroken Bristol says in the new issue of People magazine out Friday. "The fantasy I had of us three being a family was all a game to him. He is never going to change."

Sandra Sobieraj-Westfall from People Magazine said, "Bristol was crying so hard at one point I could almost not even hear her."

Bristol says her romantic fairy tale came to an abrupt end the very day they announced to the world that they were getting married

"He said, 'There's a chance I could be the father of this other baby.'  But that didn't bother her even so much as her sitting there, bawling her eyes out, feeling humiliated and trapped.  And she said there was no comforting from him, he just sat there and said, 'Yeah, I know, it sucks, sorry." and then he got up and left," Sobieraj-Westfall told INSIDE EDITION.

Levi's pregnant ex now denies that he is father of her baby.  But for Bristol, the final straw came when she found out that Levi was filming a music video apparently mocking his tumultuous relationship with her mom Sarah Palin.

"After he publicly apologized to her family and was supposed to be trying to really set that relationship right, that was the last straw."

"He's just obsessed with the limelight." Bristol told People. "I got played."

Plenty of people aren't surprised by the split including Levi's mother, Sherry, and sister, Mercede.  INSIDE EDITION spoke with them last month, right after the on again off again couple announced their engagement.

"I mean I never thought this would happen.  I don't think it's sincere," Mercede said.

His ex girlfriend Brianna Plumb shared the same sentiment.

"I thought that it was for money that he got back with her," Plumb told INSIDE EDITION.  "No, I don't think it's going to last."

Still devastated, Bristol has moved back in with her parents at the family home in Wasilla.  Her mother, Sarah Palin, told People, "Everyone with adult children knows exactly how Todd and I feel.  You have to give these young adults their wings, room to make their own decisions and to learn from their mistakes."

As for Bristol, she says she is making a new start with the 19-month-old son she shares with her ex saying, "Tripp and I are starting fresh."