Suspect Beaten after Wild Police Chase on Stolen Horse

See the bizarre video.

It's a disturbing video of a suspect being beaten by sheriff's deputies in the middle of the desert, after he'd led them on a wild chase on horseback!

A helicopter video shot by KNBC in Los Angeles shows it all. While lying face down, the suspect was punched 37 times and kicked 17 times!

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Authorities say it began when Francis Pusok fled from his home on the edge of California's Mojave Desert, just as he was to be served with a search warrant on suspicion of identity theft.

At first, Pusok fled in his car, then cops say he stole a horse to flee over rough terrain as the deputies followed in hot pursuit!

It came to an end when Pusok fell off the horse.

The deputies are saying the tasing didn't work. Then came the beating that is being seen all over the world. 

The video is sickening his girlfriend, Jolene Bindner. She told INSIDE EDITION, "This is not okay, they can't do this."

Steven Fabian of INSIDE EDITION asked her, "This was 37 punches, this was 17 kicks. Why do you think they didn't let up?

"The amount of the kicks and punches and everything like that is incredible to me," Bindner explained.

And his lawyer is comparing it to another, now notorious police beating caught on tape back in 1991.

"This is far worse than Rodney King!" he said.

The sheriff of San Bernardino County, John McMahon, said in a statement: "The video surrounding this arrest is disturbing and I have ordered an internal investigation to be conducted immediately."