Baby Giraffe Is Born and Takes First Steps While The World Watches

Over 1.5 million people watched the birth!

It's one thing to give birth in front of a medical team and maybe a select family member, but to do it while the world is watching?

That's exactly what Katie, the giraffe did on Friday at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo teamed up with Animal Planet who installed multiple cameras in the maternity stall to stream the birth live online, and what a show it was. Over 1.5 million people watched the hour-long labor.

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Katie carried the baby for the 15-month gestation period that's normal for giraffes. They give birth standing up, letting the nearly 6-foot newborn fall to the ground. Within an hour after birth, baby giraffes take their first steps.

Katie gave birth at 6:00 pm and by 6:44, the baby took her first steps and was nursing by 7:20.\

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All the attention didn't seem to bother Katie, who's known for her diva-like qualities. The zoo says she likes to toss her head around when she doesn't like something. Animal Planet noted, "She's the only giraffe at the Dallas Zoo who can stick her tongue out on cue."