Flower Girl Performs 'Love Is An Open Door' With Mom, Steals Wedding Spotlight

She was a hit!

Flower girls are one of the cutest moments in any wedding, but this little girl takes the wedding cake.

Bride and groom, Jen and Trevor got an unforgettable wedding gift when their six-year-old flower girl named Emma took the mic to perform 'Love Is An Open Door' from Frozen with her mom. 

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She must have put in some serious rehearsal time with her mom, and it showed. They had the lyrics down and put in a few moves that had the whole wedding party captivated, and thanks to the folks at Mitchell Reilly Pictures, it was all caught on video.

Emma's mom, Mel said, "She loved Frozen and because that song had two parts, we would sing it back and forth to each other all the time. It was 100% her idea. The only reason I did it was because she wanted to do something for Jen."

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The bride and groom had no idea what was coming before the secret performance was revealed.

Adorable Emma never stopped smiling ear-to-ear throughout the performance, and neither did anyone in the room.

Mel said, "Emma wants to sing and dance on TV like Selena Gomez."

Who knows if Emma will become the next Selena Gomez, but we have a feeling this little wedding singer might be getting booked to perform at weddings across the country.