This Man Filmed and Confronted the Woman who Hit a Toddler in the Face with a Tablet

See what she said when he confronted her.

How could she?

A woman was confronted after she used a computer tablet to smack a toddler in the face.

A Good Samaritan grabbed his cell phone to videotape the incident after he says he saw the woman getting rough with the child in the parking lot of a Kohl’s department store in Southern California.

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In the video, the woman could be seen holding the child's head and roughly wiping his nose. The tot screamed as she heaved him into his car seat.

Then came the disturbing moment when she grabs a tablet and smacked him hard.

The woman turned away as the man filming the video and his friend confront her.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to the Good Samaritan who shot the video, he only wants us to use his first name, Edward.

Alexander asked, "So, you look over and why do you decide to start filming?"

He replied, "Just because the way the child was crying and how helpless the child seemed and how mean she was being to the child. I felt sorry for him."

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The woman's name is reportedly Yvonne Camargo, and the video is being viewed by the local D.A. to determine if any charges will be filed.