Jodi Arias Speaks Out As She Receives Life in Prison

The victim's sisters had something to say as well.

Jodi Arias apologized to the grieving family of Travis Alexander, the ex-boyfriend she was convicted of murdering.

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She said, “I'm truly disgusted with myself. I am horrified with myself and I wish there was some way I could take it back. I loved him so much and miss him so much.”  

Travis’ three sisters sobbed as they pleaded with the judge to show no mercy.

One of his sisters said, “I have seen the pain in our faces and the tears we've cried and it never stops.”

Then, it was Judge Sherry Stephens’ turn to speak out.

"The defendant should be incarcerated in the Department of Corrections for the rest of her natural life with no possibility of parole,” declared the judge.

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So there it is. The long saga of Jodi Arias is over. She escaped the death penalty but she’ll spend the rest of her life behind bars.