SNL's Teacher-Sex Sketch Sparks Major Backlash

Did SNL finally go too far?

Did Saturday Night Live finally go too far in a skit about a teacher having sex with her student?

Guest host Taraji P. Henson played a prosecutor who questions a high school student about his affair with his beautiful teacher.

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Henson asked Pete Davidson in the skit, "Did you feel pressured into being intimate with Miss Luna?"

He responded, "No, I instigated it. After school I went in and asked, 'What can I do for some extra credit?' and it was on."

Social media is now exploding with outrage.

One tweet said, "Sends the wrong message about sexual abuse."

"#SNL trial skit was horrifying. Exactly what child advocated urge people not to do: glorify rape of students," read another.

The SNL skit follows what seems like a national epidemic of teachers accused of having sex with their students, including Florida teacher Debra Lefave, Tennessee teacher Pamela Rogers, and many, many others.

The most notorious of all is Mary Kay Letourneau, who is now raising eyebrows by telling Barbara Walters that she hopes to teach elementary school again.

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Walters asked her, "Do you miss teaching?"

Letourneau responded, "Yes."

Letourneau and Vili Fualaau began their affair when he was in the sixth grade. They have two daughters, 17-year-old Audrey and 16-year-old Georgia who were seen as teens for the first time last Friday.

Letourneau is still a registered sex offender, proving that a teacher having sex with a student is no laughing matter.