Dog That Smokes Pipe With His Owner May Have To Quit

It's a hard habit to break.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and one dog owner is finding it out the hard way.

Padraic Sirr loved to relax in the evenings smoking his pipe. It didn't take long for his 18-month old King Charles Spaniel named Jasper to copy him by puffing away on his own pipe as the two relaxed together at their home in Ireland.

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They got some bad news recently when Sirr's doctor diagnosed him with diabetes and told him he needed to quit smoking. As challenging as it is for Sirr to quit, it's even more confusing for Jasper.

"The dog has been copying me since he was a small pup and even though there's nothing in the pipe I give him, he loves holding it in his mouth," said Sirr. "He gets fierce excited when I ask him where his pipe is and will jump up to the drawer on the dresser where we keep it, as he knows well where it is."

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A long time animal lover, Sirr says Jasper isn't like any of the dogs he's had before, saying he's incredibly intelligent and understands every word that is said to him.

So, will Jasper understand why their favorite past time has gone away? Sirr says, "He probably won’t understand why I’m not doing it anymore but I doubt that will bother him as he’s never happier than when he has the pipe in his mouth."