Wild Mountain Lion Discovered Living Under House Near Hollywood Sign

This is not where you want to find a mountain lion.

A mountain lion took up residence in a crawl space of a house in Los Angeles and is now officially the world’s most famous mountain lion.  

The mountain lion even has a name, P-22 and he may look familiar because he's been in the spotlight before.

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P-22 has appeared in National Geographic. He usually makes his home in Griffith Park where his every move is captured by a trail camera.  

He was discovered living under the house on Monday as two men were installing a security system.

Imagine coming face-to-face with the beast. Homeowners Jason and Paula Archinaco discussed their ordeal.

“They were in the crawl space like crawling around doing work until, holy bananas, there's the mountain lion,” said Paula.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Jason, "People around the country must be surprised to hear you say, 'Ah, there is a mountain lion in my house.'"

He replied, "Maybe, you know when you buy a house that is one street away from the park, you have to expect that you are going to have animals come and go. So, always take precaution."

Wildlife experts spent hours doing their best to coax the giant cat out of the crawl space. They tried firing bean bags, even tennis balls, but nothing worked.  

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But overnight, P-22 decided to leave on his own accord.

Lieutenant JT Healy of California Wildlife was asked if the area was all sealed up. He said, "The mountain lion cannot come back." 

But we're sure we'll be seeing this mountain lion, which seems to love attention, sometime soon.