Real Housewife of Orange County Battles 'Cat from Hell'

Is Shadow the craziest cat we've seen?

What do you get when the cat from hell meets the Real Housewives of Orange County?

A real cat-tastrophe!

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Shadow the cat was wreaking havoc at the home of former cast member Peggy Tanous. Seemed her little daughter loved teasing the cat!

Enter Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet's hit show "My Cat From Hell," airing Saturday nights. He quickly sized up the problem.

Jackson told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a disaster! The people make the cats crazy! I learned fast to say, oh my God, please stop! Please don't let your child do that, or that, or that!"

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Cat-tastrophe avoided!

We've seen our share of crazy cats on INSIDE EDITION, like one who attacked so viciously, they had to call 911!

The 911 call exclaimed, "She's got us trapped in our bedroom. We're ripped up, pouring blood. She ripped us up!"

And how about the woman who kept getting attacked during her "Please adopt my cat" video?

"We're all wired a little funny and cats can be wired funny too," Jackson explained to INSIDE EDITION.