See What Really Caused the Dennis Quaid Freak Out

Mystery solved.

Mystery solved! That epic Dennis Quaid meltdown was, in fact, a hoax.

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The comedy website Funny or Die, co-owned by Will Ferrell, fessed up today.

In an email to INSIDE EDITION, the website declared: "The truth behind Dennis Quaid's infamous on-set meltdown is finally revealed."

To prove it was behind the stunt, Funny or Die also posted video showing behind-the-scenes video of what actually happened on the set when the meltdown was shot.

The shouting all culminated with an actress who was calming Quaid down in a makeup room.

Quaid said, “Sorry, I get grumpy when my hair gets flat.”

She replied, “Yeah, I know, Dennis!”

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Before Funny or Die took credit, or blame, depending on your point of view, speculation had been rampant that prankster Jimmy Kimmel was responsible.

On Tuesday night’s show, Kimmel said, “When I woke up this morning, I was being blamed for it. There are two dozen articles online. Thousands of comments suggesting that this is a prank video and I’m responsible for it. It's disappointing. You play 50 pranks and all of a sudden, people don't trust you anymore.”

Well, turns out he was telling the truth.

By the way, Quaid was in New York this week promoting a new TV show called The Art Of More on Crackle, a little-known  online streaming service similar to Netflix.

He sure did get a lot of publicity for a show nobody knew much about.