Naomi Campbell Testifies at Blood Diamond Trial

Naomi Campbell testified in the war crimes trial of African dictator Charles Taylor, who allegedly gave Campbell blood diamonds in 1997.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Naomi Campbell took the witness stand at a blood diamond trial looking supermodel chic in a figure-hugging sweater over a fitted dress.  

Naomi was testifying at the war crimes trial of deposed African dictator Charles Taylor.  Naomi says Taylor gave her so-called blood diamonds following dinner at Nelson Mandela's home in 1997.  Two men came to her room in the middle of the night and handed her the uncut gems.

"I opened my door and two men were there.  They gave me a pouch and said a gift for you," Campbell said in court...They were dirty.  The diamonds I'm used to seeing are diamonds that are shiny and in a box."

This is the first time Campbell has admitted receiving diamonds that she believes were from Taylor, the former ruler of Liberia.  Just last year she walked out of an interview with ABC's Nightline when asked about the gift:

"I'm not going to speak about that thank you very much," Campbell said before walking out of the interview.

Campbell explained why she was reluctant to talk.

"I felt that my family's life was in danger."

Campbell says she gave the diamonds to a friend to give to charity.