Pope Francis' iPad Sells for $30,500 at Auction

"May you do something good with it."

You can buy a new iPad for $249. So, why wouldn't someone want to pay over $30,000 for a used one?

Well, if the used belonged to the leader of the Catholic world, a number of people clamored to pay big bucks for it.

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The iPad that belonged to Pope Francis and sold at Castell's auction house for $30,500. It's inscribed on the back, "His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, march 2013." It included a certificate signed by the Pope's secretary, Fabian Pedacchio Leaniz.

So, who bought the holy iPad? A priest from Uruguay named Gonzalo Aemilius. The Pope told him, "May you do something good with it." And that's exactly what he did when he handed it over to Francisco de Paysandu High School to use. The money will benefit a school for the poor in Uruguay.

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Last year, a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was given to the Pope as a gift was auctioned off and fetched $257,681.

With the big money rolling in from auctioning off the Pope's items, it makes us wonder, is there an app for that?