Alleged Facebook Bigamist Denies Accusations

John France is accused of being a bigamist by his first wife, but he denies it and says his first marriage was not valid. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

"I am not a bigamist," says John France.

He says he is no bigamist, even though he is one man who appears to have two wives.

He married Lynn France in 2005 on the Italian Riviera. Then in 2008, he and Amanda had a fairytale wedding in Disney World, complete with a carriage and fireworks.

Lynn, the first wife, lives in Ohio. She has two children with John.
When she logged onto Facebook she says she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She found photos of her husband marrying Amanda. She recently appeared on the Today show to denounce her husband on national television.

"Married to me with our children in one state and with her in another state. [It's a] complete double life," Lynn told Today.

"It's an absolute crazy, insane lie," says Amanda, who claims Lynn knew about her all along. "Everything she's saying is not true, it's all an act."

"You knew full well about this other wife?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"I knew. Yes, how could I possibly not?" Amanda asks.

John and Amanda continue to post photos of their lives on Facebook, including shots of his new wife playing with Lynn's children, along with captions like "Putting my little loves to sleep."

"To the two of them this is a big joke, and to me it's devastating because it's my children," Lynn said tearfully on Today.

"Your first wife says you're leading a double life and you're flaunting it on Facebook," says Boyd.

"We're not flaunting it on Facebook. Facebook was there two years ago, okay. I don't see how you call it flaunting when she can look at Facebook and see the surroundings and environment of the children," John says.

"She's very dramatic, she's the victim, and she's determined to make herself the victim in this entire situation, period," adds Amanda.

John says his marriage to his first wife wasn't legal because of a filing error.

"You had rings, you did have a wedding at some point, isn't this paperwork error just a convenient way to get around you cheating on your wife?" Boyd asks him.

"It's not a paperwork error; it's a procedure you have to follow with the proper legal way [sic] in Italy to get married. If you don't, you don't get it," says John.

Boyd asks Amanda, "Does any part of you ever worry about John leaving you?"

"No. not at all," she says. "There's a long, complicated, crazy story behind this."

There is now a custody battle brewing between John and Lynn over their two sons.