Lawsuit Claims Sofia Vergara Paid Her Assistant to Be Surrogate

The battle over Sofia Vergara's frozen embryos gets more complicated as details from Nick Loeb's lawsuit come out.

Sofia Vergara fielded some tough questions today from a freelance photographer about the bitter battle over her frozen embryos.

He asked her, "Sofia, what do you think about your frozen eggs? Have you destroyed your frozen eggs?"

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But, she didn't want to talk as she returned to her car inside a mall parking garage in Los Angeles.

According to court documents, Vergara and her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, created the embryos two years ago using his sperm and her eggs.

Loeb wants to keep the embryos cryopreserved, but the Modern Family star "refuses to agree to their preservation."

The two embryos, both female, are frozen at a fertility clinic in Beverly Hills. Nick Loeb says he and Sofia planned to use the embryos to start a family together but then they broke up and that plan fell apart.

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In the lawsuit, Loeb revealed that the surrogate had been hired and embryos had been implanted but it "did not result in a viable pregnancy."

That surrogate was allegedly Vergara's 44-year-old assistant.

The embryo battle is getting a lot of attention today. Check out the New York Post headline: "Leggo My Eggos."

Lawyer Rosemarie Arnold says legal experts are watching closely as the lawsuit could impact other couples.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "This is a groundbreaking lawsuit that parents all over the country really have to consider. It's her eggs and it's his sperm, and neither one of them owns the other person's body."