These People Tried to Perform Dentistry on Themselves and It Didn't Go Well

Experts warn against the dangers DIY dentistry.

Brace yourself! One guy pulled out his own tooth with a pair of pliers!

It’s part of a new phenomenon called “Do-It-Yourself dentistry.”

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Imagine filling your own cavities. You can even make braces to straighten your teeth.
In another YouTube video, a woman took a floss-like string and tied it around her teeth. She said, “I'm going to put it around my teeth I want so like, like that ok?”

How could anyone perform be so foolish and dental surgery on themselves?

One of the DIY dentists, Tony Williams told INSIDE EDITION, “Why should I pay a dentist $150, $200 when I can do it myself and save the money? They are going to do the same thing I’m gonna do!”

There are hundreds of tutorials online purporting to show people how to fix their own teeth with rubber bands and even paper clips.

This website,, sells tiny bands designed to close the gaps in your teeth - and claims nearly 500,000 people are using them.  

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New York orthodontist Dr. Christina Carter says DIY dentistry is very dangerous.

She actually winced as she watched a YouTube video of a young woman making her own orthodontures.

“You just don't want to be doing that at home! This is terrible. So many bad things can happen. You can lose your teeth. You can have gum infection. You can actually have that floss go up and then you can't find it and they have to surgically remove it. This is a major medical health risk,” said Dr. Carter.

The American Association of Orthodontists is issuing a consumer alert warning that  DIY dentistry “...could result in the permanent loss of teeth and lifelong dental problems."

When he was eight-years-old, David Campbell tried to fix the gap in his teeth with a rubber band.

This was the result!

He said, “I can't believe anyone would espouse doing that at all.”

He’s now 47 and $50,000 later, he is still dealing with a lifetime of dental problems due to his DIY dentistry.  

“I would highly recommend that no-one ever, ever do that,” he said.