Shocking 911 Call From Man Trapped in Cargo Plane: 'I'm Inside This Plane!'

The shocking 911 call from the baggage handler who fell asleep in an Alaskan Airlines cargo hold has been released.

It's a wild 911 call unlike any you've ever heard.

It is from the baggage handler who fell asleep and got trapped in the cargo hold of an airplane.

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He told the 911 operator, “I’m in a plane and it feels like it is moving in the air. Flight 448. Can you please stop it?”

Amazingly he was still able to call 911.

The 911 operator asked, “Where are you in a plane?”

The worker said, “Inside a plane. Alaska flight 448!”

The drama happened on board a packed jet moments after takeoff from Seattle.

Passengers heard a terrifying sound coming from the cargo hold of the Alaska Airlines jet en route to Los Angeles.  

The pilot immediately radioed that he was turning back.

The pilot said, “We don't have to dump fuel or anything like that. I think we heard a noise from the baggage compartment. Could be a person in there so, we're going to have to come back around.”

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An Air Marshal took charge, yelling to the man in the hold to stay calm.

Turns out the baggage handler had fallen asleep after working a nine-hour shift. The man still looked dazed after his rescue.

Fortunately for the sleepy baggage handler, he was trapped in a compartment beneath first class that is pressurized and temperature controlled, it's where pets are kept in cages.