Knicks Fan Misses Three Shots But Finally Wins $10,000 with Half-Court Heave

He made the hardest shot!

At the New York Knicks game on Wednesday night, Shawn Kelly from New Jersey had the chance to win some serious cash during the 'Chase Add A Zero' contest at Madison Square Garden.

It all started with a lay-up for $10, which he missed.

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Then, he had a shot at $100 with a free throw which he also missed. If he hit the next shot, a three-pointer he would score $1,000 and he didn't get anything but air!

The final part of the game was a half-court heave for $10,000 and you wouldn't believe what happened.

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He made the hardest shot and took home the big prize of $10,000. The arena erupted as if he was a Knicks player that won the game.

Shawn Kelly is one lucky Knicks fan and surely a moment he will never forget!