9-Year-Old Oregon Boy Too Frequently Mistaken for Missing Kyron Horman

He's an adorable 9-year-old boy living in Oregon, and he's afraid for his safety because people routinely mistake him for missing Kyron Horman. Hayden Nys and his father Don tell INSIDE EDITION their story.

There's a shocking resemblance between 9-year-old Oregon boy Hayden Nys and missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman.

And now one worried father wants the world to know his son is not Kyron.

"I just want him to be himself. I want him to feel like he has the freedom to do what he did before this whole thing started," says Don Nys.

Nys of Hillsboro, Oregon, says ever since Kyron disappeared from his elementary school in June, people have repeatedly mistaken Hayden for the missing boy.

The boys have similar features, hair, and glasses. And that's not all, the boys homes are just miles apart. Nys says strangers have even followed them and one actually confronted them, asking if his son was Kyron.

"It felt intimidating just to have to deal with the scenario," says Nys.

On a recent walk around town, INSIDE EDITION' spoke to townspeople who noticed the eerie resemblance.

"When I first saw him, I kind of stopped for a couple of seconds," said Ida Berinson.

And Jean Blumenauer told INSIDE EDITION, "There was something about his smile that reminded me of Kyron"

The constant attention now even has the young boy fearing something bad might happen to him.

"It kind of makes me scared that somebody's going to take me," says Hayden.

He carries his school identification card to identify himself in case someone mistakes him for Kyron.

Nys says he often thinks about Kyron's family and wishes only the best for them. He says he hopes Kyron will soon be safely returned to his parents.

That would give both families back something they long for: a normal life.

Investigators have received 3,500 tips regarding Kyron's disappearance but there are still no real leads to his whereabouts.