Watch This Baby Hear His Mom For the First Time

"I was excited that he could finally hear my voice."

Elijah was born almost completely deaf in his left ear and was only able to hear 75 decibels out of his right ear. His parents, Ahavah and Jason Cook, knew that this could be a possibility, as both of their parents are deaf.

Shortly after he was born, he was fitted for tiny hearing aids, and at just nine weeks old he was finally able to hear his mom's voice for the first time.

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The touching video shows the moment when Elijah can really hear what's going on in the room.

Ahavah told INSIDE EDITION how excited she was, and that she barely kept it together when he broke a smile for the first time. Once she got to the parking lot, she says she bawled her eyes out.

She said, “We had no idea what to expect when we put in his hearing aids. I really didn't think we would get a big reaction from him. Once I realized that he was blinking from my voice, I was excited that he could finally hear my voice. I could barely keep it together when I saw his first smile. I didn't want his first hearing experience of me crying. Once I got to the parking lot and into my car I bawled my eye out. For the first couple days, I'd watch the video and get all misty eyed. It was just awesome to be able to share a small part of our world with him. “

Since Elijah has gotten his hearing aid, Ahavah said that he smiles every morning and loves hearing his big sister read to him.

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Ahavah said, “Elijah coo's a lot more. He smiles every morning when we put his hearing aids on. He loves it when his big sister reads to him. He searches for sounds that he hears.”

The Minnesota family shared some exclusive video of Elijah interacting with his dad, watch it in the above clip.