Suzanne Somers Swears by Eating Steak and Butter Every Week

Suzanne Somers reveals how she looks great at 68, and two of her secrets are steak and butter.

Suzanne Somers sure looked great on Dancing with the Stars.

At age 68, yep, she really is 68, she's gone from 70's sitcom sex symbol to toxic avenger!

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Suzanne explained, "It's our everyday lives. You know we're cleaning our houses with chemical cleaners, we're breathing it in, the mattress we sleep on has fire retardant, we're just being bombarded."

Suzanne said she's sounding an alarm in her new book "Tox-Sick." She called processed foods "the enemy."

This is how she determines if a food is right for her. "Let's spend our money on organic food for our kids so they can think. If you can pick it, pluck it, milk it, or shoot it, that's what those kids should be eating," Suzanne said.

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And you might be surprised at Suzanne's diet.

"Steak is so delicious, don't you love a great steak?  What's different about this is it's grass fed. Why is that important? You don't want your cow eating corn, that's against their natural evolution," she continued.

Along with her book, INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian got an invite to her new Vegas show.

"Who knows, maybe I'll sing to you!" Suzanne exclaimed.