ESPN's Britt McHenry Previously Attacked Another with Insults, Lawyer Says

A female attorney says Britt McHenry berated her in a Twitter tirade.

It's the foul-mouthed rant that's gotten this ESPN reporter benched.

Britt McHenry was caught on camera insulting the attendant after her car was towed.

"I'm in the news, sweetheart. I will (blank) sue this place," said McHenry. "Makes my skin crawl even being here."

The attendant said, "Well, let's get you out of here quickly."

McHenry quipped, "Yep, that's all you care about is just taking people's money. With no education, no skill set. Just want to clarify that."

McHenry was made aware she's on camera when the attendant said, "I'll play your video, so careful."

But she still launches a nasty personal attack on the young woman behind the counter, identified only as Gina Michelle.

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McHenry continued with lines like:

"Do you feel good about your job? So, I could be a college dropout and do the same thing?"

"Why, 'cos I have a brain and you don't."

"Maybe if I was missing some teeth, they would hire me, huh?"

"Because I'm on television and you're in a (blanking) trailer, honey."

McHenry delivered one final zinger as she walked away, "Lose some weight, baby girl."

She made a rude hand gesture as she left the lot.

The confrontation happened at the window of a towing company, Advanced Towing, in Arlington, Virginia.

Get this--just a few days before, McHenry wrote on Facebook: "Be nice to people. Amazing how a small kind gesture can go so far. Yet similarly, so can the impact of unkind words."

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Now, the 28-year-old sports reporter has been suspended for a week by ESPN.

She also issued this public apology.

"In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake."

Flowers were delivered to the lot Friday.

We should point out, the video was edited before it was leaked and does not show the entire interaction. And INSIDE EDITION has learned that the tow company was rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau, the lowest rating it gives.

Britt McHenry apparently does have a prior history of unleashing personal insults, at least according to one woman.

Attorney Sarah Sparkman says she was in a Twitter conversation about beautiful women who cover sports when McHenry chimed in.

Sparkman told INSIDE EDITION, "That's what she uses as her method of attack. She started making personal attacks. She brought up the fact that she was on TV. She criticized my looks. She brought up her education level."

Some are comparing McHenry to Rachel McAdams' nasty character in Mean Girls.

Social media is on fire with reaction.

"Britt McHenry is a snotty brat," wrote one person.

"Berating someone's teeth, job, education and weight is disgusting!" wrote another.

A damning verdict on McHenry's hissy fit.